YJ MGC 5x5 Magnetic Stickerless
  • YJ MGC 5x5 Magnetic Stickerless
  • YJ MGC 5x5 Magnetic Stickerless

5x5x5 YJ MGC Magnetic Stickerless

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The YJ MGC 5x5 Magnetic Stickerless speedcube features a strong magnetic feel and performs great out of the box. The MGC 5x5 has been making waves in the competitive community as an outstandingly polished cube destined for competition. If you're a speedcuber on a budget but still want fantastic performance, this is the 5x5 you've been waiting for!


Manufacturer: YJ

Type: 5x5

Gross Weight: 289g

Dimensions: 62.0mm3
Item Weight: 136.7g
Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 1 customer reviews

Favourite in my collection

OK so I'm not that great at 5x5 cuz I 'm weird and prioritse mega, but if I have to randomly pick up a cube to scramble for fun it would absolutely be this one. So so good.<br /> IDK how it's so stable, smooth and fast, but it is. Amazing corner cutting, even on the inside layers. Bright colour scheme to match. Magnets feel SOOO GOOOD<br /> Just need to tighten it a bit when you get it

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