Gan Cube Lube Speed Cube Lubrication 10ML

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The GAN Standard Lubrication 10mL is a low viscosity lube that works best on the pieces. It is packaged in a clear bottle with a tamper-proof cap. 10cc


  • SMOOTHER TURNING – Improves cube turning speed and smoothness to help you improve your solving time
  • PERFECT CONSISTENSY –Medium-low- viscosity / thickness is perfect for lubricating both the core and the cube pieces
  • EASY TO USE –Stagger the inner side of the cube and edge piece, after 1 or 2 drop, put the edge back in and turn (scramble) the cube to get the oil mixed around inside. After turning for a just few seconds the cube will be set to get great times. It may take a few solves to get used to the cube but it's all worth it
  • ONLY USE 1 OR 2 DROPS – A little goes a long way! Only use 1 or 2 drops per cube (The lube is specially for GAN356 and Gan356S series, it does not guarantee the effect of the use of other speed cubes)