3x3x3 X-Man Design Tornado V2 Magnetic Stickerless

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Boom, boom boom - everybody say "Tornado"

The new QiYi X-Man Design Tornado V2 Magnetic Stickerless is an exciting new speedcube release in 2021 and you are getting a lot of premium speedcubing performance, premium features, expert design and quality manufacturing at an incredible price.

'Stickerless black internals' contrasts with red magnets and combine to create a striking look and a visually great looking speedcube.  The XMD Tornado V2 feels nice and light, weighing only 72 grams and comes beautifully packaged box and includes a heap of accessories: jewel storage box, leather protection bag and micro-fibre wipe down cloth, screwdriver, modification instructions and instructions on how to solve the Rubik's cube.