We will happily replace defective cubes at no cost to you, including the shipping charge.

If the cube is not defective, but pieces have popped out (which happens to the best of speedcubers, see former record holder Mats Valk recover from a popped piece and still get under 10 seconds), we will happily rebuild it for you at no cost to you, but you are required to pay the shipping, to send the cube (with all the pieces) to us, and back to you.

In both cases, we will ask you to pay the shipping upfront, and if the cube is indeed defective, we will refund you the shipping. In the case of defective cubes, you will need to return it in its original condition, with the box.

If you've just changed your mind about your purchase, and the cube is still in mint condition in it's original packaging, you can return it and we will issue you with a voucher to the value of the cube.

Please email us at support@speedcubes.co.za with any questions. (Please include a few pics of the defective cube if relevant)